2020 is the year carbon emissions are supposed to peak, the year the Green Climate Fund should reach its target of mobilising $100 billion a year, the year actions states committed to in their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) are due to start, and  the year more ambitious NDCs are to be announced. How are we doing?


Limiting global warming to levels that won’t create catastrophic disruption to life on the planet requires rapid elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. All levels of government and all actors must have a clear idea of ‘net-zero’ and how they will get there.


Ultimately, the direction of climate action will be determined by where the investments are made. Over the last couple of years, the financial community has made considerable progress in raising the profile of climate action. But is the finance getting to where it is most needed?


Some areas of climate action are complicated and split opinion. We need greater and more nuanced understanding of these areas to ensure that the application of these technologies is appropriate and constructive.