About Witan Media

WITAN_logo_RGBWitan Media is a specialist publisher that focuses on areas of change that have a fundamental impact on lives globally: our primary interest is international development. We have worked with UNA-UK since 2012, publishing the highly acclaimed titles:

  • After the Spring: Prospects for the Arab World (2013)
  • Global Development Goals: Leaving no one behind (2013)
  • Global Development Goals: Partnerships for progress (2014)
  • Climate 2020: Facing the future (2015)
  • Sustainable Development Goals: The people’s agenda (2016)
  • Climate 2020: Rising to the challenge (2016)
  • Sustainable Development Goals: From promise to practice (2017)
  • Climate 2020: New leaders, new approaches (2017)
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Delivering change (2018)
  • Climate 2020: Degrees of devastation (2018)
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming our world (2019)

We bring in-depth analysis from the most authoritative actors and commentators to give a level of understanding that is otherwise unobtainable through other media channels.

We aim to create debate among key groups and participants so that change is informed and for the better.


If you would like more information or to work with us, please contact
Claire Manuel at claire.manuel@witanmedia.com