Sustainability at the core

Efacec’s corporate vision sees the company strategically adapting to a new era in energy solutions

18th September 2017

Sustainability at the core

Efacec’s corporate vision sees the company strategically adapting to a new era in energy solutions


The future will be an era of new energy solutions, intense material circularity, new transportation systems, new economic models and new concepts of society. A future in which Efacec is fully committed to being an active partner, fostering the development of new energy solutions for a more sustainable world.

Committed to new environmental challenges
Due to the risk of an environmental collapse in the near future, society’s ecosystem constantly requires new products, services and solutions. To tackle this impending threat, most companies need to adapt their portfolio to be successful.

As technological innovation is part of Efacec’s DNA, we have long-established business initiatives in the fields of renewables, metro/light train systems and water treatment.

More recently we have started developing and commercialising smart grid components and electrical vehicle chargers, applying our extensive experience in energy automation systems and electronic power supply to address sustainability. Currently, we are launching new solutions in the areas of energy storage, micro grids, metering devices and energy integration systems.

Companies also need to review and improve the performance of their products throughout their entire life cycle. In addition, the imperative of creating a circular economy encourages them to review their business models to optimise the consumption and reuse of materials.

This is why our heavy material products, such as power transformers, are now the focus of intense design and innovation efforts to save materials. Customers are also being informed of the best ways to dispose of end-of-life equipment. And as a major contribution to the circular economy, Efacec offers entire rehabilitation services for transformers, switchgears and rotating machines, which enable us to save between 50% to 80% of the original materials’ weight.

Leveraging innovation through people
The rapid pace of new product development also brings new challenges in terms of people management. A few years ago, the growing need for training and education led us to create Efacec’s Academy, an internal entity dedicated exclusively to people’s development. Simultaneously, Efacec has been aware of the need to create a favourable environment to speed up innovation and encourage employees’ dedication and creativity. Throughout the year it runs multiple projects to foster this, both internal initiatives and ones open to R&D groups and academia.

All these improvements have been organised under a holistic and integrated programme called Efacec 2020, which identifies our corporate strategic pillars and was developed in consultation with our people.

At the core of Efacec 2020 is our mission: to continuously create energy solutions for a more sustainable world.

UNA-UK thanks Efacec for its generous support for Climate 2020