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Sustainability in practice

City Express Hotels reinforces its commitment to society through its sustainability programme

14th September 2016
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Sustainability in practice

City Express Hotels reinforces its commitment to society through its sustainability programme

By City Express Hotels

City Express Hotels, a leading Mexican hotel chain, is a socially responsible company with a clear objective: to generate social, environmental and economic value in the cities where it has a presence.

The chain’s sustainability programme reflects its strategic efforts in the areas of corporate governance, business ethics, quality of life, energy savings, environmental innovation and connection with surrounding communities. It includes environmental certifications, programmes for entrepreneurial support and an overall philosophy of corporate social responsibility.

City Express Hotels has positioned itself as one of the leading Mexican companies in terms of innovation and sustainability, becoming the first hotel chain in the country to receive a number of international certifications, including:

  • EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies): created by the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, especially for those who seek to encourage the development of green buildings in emerging markets.
  • BIOSPHERE Certification (Responsible Tourism): awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute, sponsored by UNESCO, it aims to constantly improve environmental and social impacts.
  • LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): awarded by the United States Green Building Council, it recognises architectural and urban design projects that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable planning and 
green architecture.

City Express Hotels is also part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, embracing the principles that relate to the protection of human rights. In March 2016, City Express Hotels was, for the second time, awarded the title ‘Socially Responsible Company’ by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy. This accolade once again distinguishes the chain as one of the best companies in Mexico in terms of corporate governance, business ethics, environmental commitment, quality of life and social engagement.

City Express Hotels also seeks to drive high-impact projects that generate a value to society and increase the social and economic wellbeing of the communities where it operates by supporting a range of projects aimed at boosting entrepreneurs. These include:

  • The Pool: an entrepreneurial project incubator.
  • Cleantech Challenge: the most important contest focusing on green initiatives in Mexico.
  • Epic Lab: empowering business makers and communicating best entrepreneurial practices and tools in communities where the chain has presence through strategic alliances with universities in Mexico.
  • Startup Weekend: supporting the programme promoted by UP Latam, a non-profit organisation that helps develop entrepreneurial communities around Mexico.

It should be noted that as part of the chain’s labour inclusion initiative, a programme has been implemented for individuals with hearing disabilities, offering equal job opportunities. In accordance with its commitment to protect the environment, City Express Hotels has earmarked 140 million pesos for adopting sustainable measures and initiatives that include: energy and water savings, waste reduction, as well supporting social responsibility projects according to its sustainability programme.

Through its commitment to society, sustainability, 
the environment and ethical practices, City Express Hotels positions itself as one of Mexico’s leading innovative businesses.